• Colour Nightmare Space ▼ Details ▼

    This is a scene I've been using to test lighting & shaders.



  • Screensavers ▼ Details ▼

    Some screensavers I was making for #screensaverjam 2016.



  • Flesh ▼ Details ▼

    This was my first time testing screen space boolean shaders. 3D models feel a lot more real when they aren’t just hollow.



  • Neon_Lake ▼ Details ▼

    Neon_Lake was my first project with the express purpose of being a visualiser.  Made to be reminiscent of retro vector graphics.

    An older version of Neon_Lake is available in All Day Breakfast's Fruit Salad.



  • Wizard Eater ▼ Details ▼

    Originally a study of virtual space and perception Wizard Eater became a game/visualiser for a night club and for Wonder Live 03.



  • Pixels ▼ Details ▼

    A few pixely bits and pieces. The vehicles and sunset are from a racing game I made.



  • At Dawn: Pistols ▼ Details ▼

    At Dawn: Pistols was a multiplayer game made to have a simple two button control scheme but I later reworked it to be and event/party game played with vegetables. The game has been shown at some Wonder Consortium and SK Games events.



  • An Electric Potential ▼ Details ▼

    An Electric Potential is perhaps my favourite of the games I made in University. As a game it's very simple as it's entirely generated mazes but it was the project that made me realise the type of things I could do visually in virtual spaces.



  • Burgeon ▼ Details ▼

    CTRL_Coda was a “Interactive Playful Art Exhibition” where each piece was some mix of unconventional controller, musical instrument and game.

    I was the Artist and Design lead for a piece named Burgeon in which a player would use a novel proximity controller I had built to manipulate the a virtual landscape and soundscape.



  • Cyb-Ocean ▼ Details ▼

    Cyb-Ocean was a virtual space I made in collaboration with Alexander Webster who designed & animated the fish. It was shown during the first Wonder Live and I later ported it to Google Cardboard VR.



  • Physical Models ▼ Details ▼

    A 3D printed character bust and a doll-crab armature puppet.



  • Step 3 ▼ Details ▼

    Step 3 is an ongoing project that I don't want to talk about yet.



  • Chaos Sonata ▼ Details ▼

    Chaos Sonata is a short playable scene made as a concept piece for a potential larger project.



  • X-Terminator ▼ Details ▼

    X-Terminator was one of the last games I made at University and ended up being the largest and most polished game I made while at University.

    I took on many different roles throughout this project but was primarily the design lead and weapon programmer.



  • Ocean Highway Patrol ▼ Details ▼

    Ocean Highway Patrol is a two player cooperative policing game made for 7 Day FPS 2014.



  • Wonder Consortium ▼ Details ▼

    Some of the art I've made for interdisciplinary game collective Wonder Consortium which I helped found in March 2015.

    I've made many variations of the Wonder Consortium logo but it was originally designed by Darren Oorloff.



  • Afar ▼ Details ▼

    Afar is an ongoing project so I don't want to give too much away but let just say it's is a surreal melancholy adventure that plays with perception & space that I've been designing with sound designer Dom Willmott.



  • Miscellaneous ▼ Details ▼

    Things that don't quite make there own category (yet). Everything from shader tests to web cam toys.